Where do you think your rubbish ends up? Surely not in a museum exhibition. Well, think again – for what is considered trash can still hold a certain artistic potential.

The Rubbish Exhibition at the Pop Up Art Space in Bradford’s Centenary Square turns discarded objects into intricate works of art, with the Museum of Contemporary Rubbish showing artistic pictures of rubbish taken by founder and curator Alice Bradshaw.

The art space also organised trash art workshops, run by artist Alexandra Brophy Bell, which allowed parents and their children to make art out of unwanted materials, resulting in a construction currently exhibited at the art space.

Pop Up Art Space has been using a vacant shop in the city centre since June 2010 as part of the Meanwhile Use project, an empty shops revival plan aiming to prevent high street decline. It features the work of Wakefield photographer Bob Clayden, who used a pinhole camera – the biggest ever constructed – to photograph Centenary Square in 2010 and 2011.

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