Villagers fighting a proposed mobile phone antenna at a Bradford church can raise their concerns and find out more about the plans at a drop-in session tomorrow.

A petition with more than 300 signatures has been presented to St James’s Church, Thornton, against plans put forward by the Vodafone UK and O2 phone companies.

Residents of the surrounding area have submitted objections to Bradford Council’s planning department saying they are worried about possible radiation from the mast, and that it could be unsightly.

But there have also been representations in support of the installation and in response to objections, the vicar, the Reverend Andrew Greiff, said it would be “very discreet” and there were not believed to be any health risks.

One comment attached to the planning application reads: “Was there really not a better site that could be chosen, far from residents, children’s play groups and the church-going community? It would appear money has been put before the local community’s feelings and health.”

A flyer from a group called Thornton Against Telecommuni-cation Masts, which has been distributed in the village, states: “We are told that the Government is pushing towards being more environmentally-friendly, yet this kind of action is visually intrusive and destroys the quality of life and impairs the everyday environment.”

Mr Greiff said: “We understand some of our neighbours are finding this difficult and we are happy to meet with them to discuss their concerns.”

He said the church had looked into research by the World Health Organisation, Cancer Research UK and the Health Protection Agency, and was satisfied there would be no risk to residents’ health.

A spokesman for Vodafone UK and O2 said the construction would be “visually unobtrusive” with the antennas face-mounted on the bell tower and painted to match the brick work.

She added: “We realise that some people are concerned about health impacts, but we take our lead from independent scientific bodies who have consistently stated that there is no substantiated link to ill health.”

The drop-in session tomorrow will be at the church in Thornton Road from 4pm to 8pm.