A submachine gun, a huge haul of ammunition, and a large quantity of suspicious white powder have been seized in a raid on a house in Bradford.

Officers in the Serious Organised Crime Agency arrested two people in connection with the find.

An unmarried couple, a white woman, aged 23, and an Asian male, aged 28, were led away from the crime scene in Hudson Crescent, Great Horton, yesterday.

They were being held at an undisclosed police station for questioning last night.

Officers found an Uzi submachine gun and 1,400 rounds of ammunition for an array of high-powered weapons, including the Uzi, an AK-47 assault rifle and a Magnum handgun.

One and a half kilograms of white powder was also discovered which is being forensically examined to establish whether it is the Class A drug cocaine, a cutting agent used to bulk out the drug or some other agent.

It is believed the haul was being prepared as part of a supply chain to criminal associates.

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