Bradford Council’s two BNP members have quit the party.

Husband-and-wife councillors Paul and Lynda Cromie have stood down from the BNP but will continue to represent the Queensbury ward as Independents along with Conservative Councillor Michael Walls.

The pair said they had quit the party for “personal reasons”.

The decision has been welcomed by other party leaders.

Councillor Ian Greenwood, the Leader of the Council, said: “I am extremely pleased to see they have recognised the BNP does not represent a solution to the problems we have in Bradford.

“I can only hope they have realised the views the party espouses have no place in any society, particularly here in Bradford.”

Councillor Glen Miller, leader of the Conservative group on Bradford Council, said: “They have obviously resigned from the BNP. That is a good indication of the way forward for the Bradford district.

“You don’t usually leave a political party unless you are fed up with it.

“I think it is a positive move. There is no BNP representation in the city of Bradford and that can only be a good thing for the harmony of Bradford district.”

Councillor Jeanette Sunderland, leader of Bradford Council’s Liberal Democrat group, said: “I don’t think leopards change their spots.”

She said the couple could still stand as Independents but that the public would remain aware of their previous allegiance.

Coun Paul Cromie said: “We have made the change for personal reasons.

“We haven’t fallen out with the party and the split was amicable.”

He said he had spoken to BNP party leader Nick Griffin last week and that Mr Griffin had been disappointed but wished the couple well.

“We have made a lot of new friends and worked on community projects,” said Coun Cromie.

“We just felt at this moment in time that not having political ties to any group would serve us better in the village. It is purely and simply to serve the Queensbury community.”

Coun Lynda Cromie echoed her husband’s sentiment that the split was for “personal reasons” and did not want to comment further on the matter.

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