The number of parliamentary seats across the district is expected to be reduced from five to four, according to new research.

Government want parliamentary boundaries redrawn to equalise constituencies to about 75,000 voters, reducing the number of MPs from 650 to 600.

Bradford West has the smallest electorate at 60,658 and Shipley the biggest across the Bradford district at 67,489.

These figures are based on people registered to vote, not actual numbers, and the electoral Commission believe nationally 3.5 million people are not registered.

The five seats of Bradford West, Bradford South, Bradford East, Keighley and Shipley are among the smallest in West Yorkshire.

Lewis Baston of Democratic Audit, a research group working from Liverpool University, has devised a model of the new map based on guidelines set out by the legislation behind the reforms. It suggests Bradford West could be scrapped in the forthcoming boundary changes.

The five areas will be condensed into four seats. Keighley will remain as Keighley and is expected to have a larger Tory majority.

A new seat of Bradford South West will replace Bradford South and take in swathes of Bradford West, keeping it a Labour seat. Bradford South East would replace Bradford East and take in parts of the current Bradford South and Bradford West and will become a safe Labour seat.

The final seat is suggested as Shipley and Bradford North, which would take in parts of the Bradford East constituency and the research claims it would make the seat a three way marginal.

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