Shipley’s MP has claimed wind farms are ineffective and one of the biggest scandals in public policy.

Philip Davies told the House of Commons he started researching wind farms following proposals to develop one near Denholme.

In a debate on Onshore Wind Energy he said: “The more one looks into the issue, the more of a scandal it becomes.

“People might refer to my constituents and me as nimbys and use it as a term of abuse, but I would take it as a compliment – I am proud to be a nimby.

“By definition, nimbys are people who are concerned about their local area and community. We should not be disparaging about that, we should be proud of being nimbys.”

The plans are for up to ten turbines, measuring 115 metres, to replace the existing wind farm operated by Yorkshire Wind Power at Ovenden Moor.

It is claimed the turbines could power almost 13,000 homes and create jobs in the region, although it is not clear as yet how many.

Mr Davies said: “I speak as one of the five MPs who voted against the Climate Change Act 2008 in the previous Parliament.

“It is a great irony that those environmentalists who are such zealots for things like wind farms are prepared to see such damage done to the local environment by wind farms being put up in the most inappropriate locations. We really need a change of tack.

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