Six companies have expressed an interest in moving to a new £25m business park, it has been revealed.

Businesses in the technology sector, including electronics companies and health equipment manufacturers, are interested in moving to a new business park in Buck Lane, Baildon.

Baildon Digital Park, which will be built on land owned by Bradford Council, is expected to create more than 700 jobs and include a hotel, restaurant, offices and shops.

The Council is in negotiations with six companies but has not named them.

Councillor David Green said: “A number of companies from across the district have expressed an interest in occupying space at Buck Lane.

“Enquiries grow as time goes on, which is a sign of what a great asset this would be for the local economy.”

Campaigners had argued the development was “inappropriate and unnecessary” because of the large number of empty brown-field sites nearby.

There are still concerns about contamination in the area and an increase in traffic in Otley Road. A report also highlighted gas trapped under the site.

But councillors who approved the outline plans said their “hands were tied” because the site was earmarked for employment in Bradford Council’s planning policies 11 years ago.

Baildon Residents Against Inappropriate Development (BRAID), which continues to oppose the business park, questioned whether the development would attract as much inward investment as was hoped.

BRAID chairman Dr Stephen Walker said: “The only opportunity for us now is to go to the Ombudsman. In order to get anywhere, we have to demonstrate maladministration.

“The issue which has concerned MP Philip Davies is that the planning committee said that it’s hand were tied by a previous design plan.

“They seemed to say they were not capable of independent thought and so had to go ahead with this, and we disagree with that.”

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