Screen Yorkshire, a key partner of Bradford City of Film, is reviewing jobs in the light of Government cuts.

The regional film agency, which has provided crew and locations for film and TV productions in Bradford, including hit movie The King’s Speech, has announced it is entering a consultation process with some staff as part of a review of the organisation’s future.

Gideon Seymour, interim director of City of Film, said any losses suffered by Screen Yorkshire would bring into question the way Bradford City of Film is funded in future.

A statement from the publicly-funded Leeds-based film agency, which supports and promotes the film, television, games and interactive media sectors in Yorkshire and Humber, said it faced difficult times as the Government’s public funding cuts took hold. The agency will continue to deliver ongoing contracts over the next 12 months.

Chief executive Sally Joynson said: “We are facing challenging times, and reviewing the staffing of the organisation to ensure future stability and support for the region’s industry is a prudent move.

“Screen Yorkshire is looking at a number of options for the future, including a restructure of the organisation to reflect changing market conditions.

“It has been an incredibly busy period for Screen Yorkshire, with the team continuing to work tirelessly behind the scenes to build a global reputation for the region’s film, television, games and interactive media industries.”

Mr Seymour said: “Screen Yorkshire is one of our funding partners so any loss is felt. Their input, advice and knowledge about what can make Bradford more film-friendly has been invaluable. We will continue to develop a local service in Bradford while waiting to see what comes into force.”

Last year, Culture Minister Ed Vaizey announced the country’s eight regional film agencies would be replaced by three bodies – Creative North, Creative Central and Creative South – under the Creative England umbrella. “We’d like to see Creative North in West Yorkshire, and possibly in Bradford,” said Mr Seymour.