Prince Charles cheered the wool trade during his recent visit to Bradford.

He came in his capacity as patron of the Campaign For Wool, which aims to boost demand for a natural fibre that ticks all the green and sustainability boxes.

The Campaign was the Prince’s own initiative after he saw the impact of falling wool prices on the UK’s sheep farmers, including himself.

I trailed the royal entourage and it was cheering to witness the Prince’s genuine commitment to and enthusiasm for wool and the people who work with it.

Industry representatives were delighted at both his knowledge and the time he sets aside to work for the Campaign.

Since its launch earlier this year, the Campaign has drawn together all aspects of the industry from sheep farmers through the Bradford-based British Wool Marketing Board, to processors, retailers and top fashion designers.

Their quest is to boost consumer demand for wool – which only accounts for around two per cent of the world’s fibre consumption – and next year goes global.

As one processor said, perhaps only a prestigious and independent figure such as the Prince of Wales could have drawn all aspects of the sector together in a common cause.

Although much smaller in scale, wool textiles remain essential to the Bradford and West Yorkshire economy and is alive and kicking. Hopefully, the Campaign will help ensure prosperity in the years ahead.