As Bradford Street Angels go out on patrol tonight, they will be celebrating a fantastically successful three years of helping to make the city centre a safer place.

The group has helped reduce city centre crime by 22 per cent and serious crime by 60 per cent, an achievement made possible by the army of volunteers.

Bradford South Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team Inspector Kevin Pickles said: “They have become a very valued partner and instrumental in bringing about this reduction in city centre crime.”

Insp Pickles said he was impressed with the support and commitment shown by the Angels. “Only last month 45 people came to the training session.”

Bradford Street Angels grew out of a church project called Hope Bradford where founding members met together for the first time and discussed Halifax’s pilot street angels project.

City Centre Vicar, the Reverend Chris Howson, said: “I just knew it was going to work. It was obvious God had his hand on it from the start. We needed premises and the German Church responded so willingly. The meetings with the police were so positive. We knew it was going to work.”

He added: “There are some amazing people in Bradford and some amazingly strong Christians, with such commitment for the city.”

The project started before Christmas 2007 with the aim of bringing courtesy and Christian care into the city centre.

Now, 300 volunteers have been police trained to ensure partygoers’ fun nights out do not end in disaster.

Some are from a range of churches, others students who spend some of their time in Bradford giving something back to the city.

Volunteers range in age from 18 to 70, with some making cups of tea and others pounding the beat, sometimes giving medical care, in communication with CCTV operators and the police.

Mr Howson said: “Every night we go out, the warmth we get from the public is just wonderful and the police who run the training events make us feel very valued.”

Anyone who wants to join the Street Angels should contact administrator Matt Dowson by e-mailing