Bradford pupils have been issuing ‘parking tickets’ to parents caught breaking the law outside their schools.

Pupils at Green Lane Primary, Farnham Primary and Horton Grange Primary dressed up as police officers and issued the ‘tickets’ to parents found parking or driving illegally.

They were on the look-out for parents stopping or dropping children off on yellow zig-zag lines, parking on pavements, using mobile phones while driving, not wearing seat belts and not using child seats for youngsters.

About 12 fake parking tickets were issued at each school and some parents were made to write out lines as a punishment.

Officers returned two days later and issued a total of £360 in fines at each school for illegal driving and parking offences.

Sergeant Andy Barron said: “Bradford Roads Policing Team has investigated a number of pedestrian knock downs in recent years, many of which have involved children of primary school age. We recognise that protecting school children from the dangers of the road does not fall on drivers alone.

“Pedestrians clearly have a responsibility to adhere to the highway code but are sometimes a difficult audience to reach. Poor parental supervision and a disregard to road safety when supervising young children can be equally as devastating as a speeding car.”