Muslim and Jewish communities may be at loggerheads elsewhere in the world – but in Bradford a hand of friendship exists.

And that co-operation has been illustrated by members of the city’s Muslim community helping to save a historic synagogue from closure.

Manningham-based social enterprise Action for Business Ltd has given a share of its community budget to Bradford Reform Synagogue, which has been a focal point for Jews in the city for more than a century. The £500 donation by Action for Business, which owns the Carlisle Business Centre, will help with the upkeep of the Grade II listed building, which costs about £7,000 a year to maintain.

Last year synagogue members reluctantly agreed to sell the building in response to dwindling congregation numbers and finances, but a successful appeal has seen it stay open.

Dr Zulficar Ali, an Action for Business board member and owner of the Sweet Centre in Lumb Lane, next to the synagogue, said he was keen to offer help to different faiths.

He said: “Bradford Synagogue has been an important part of the community here in Manningham for many years, peacefully co-existing alongside the Christian and Muslim faiths. Our work at Action for Business extends across the whole community and we were pleased to provide this support.”

Rudi Leavor, the synagogue’s chairman and treasurer, said: “The discovery of dry rot and the need to replace the boiler, with ever-increasing general running costs, had put us in a very difficult financial situation. The money donated by ABL has made a lot of difference. We are very thankful.”

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