A 24-year-old inventor whose ingenuity is helping transform lives in Africa has been named as one of the world’s top ten outstanding young people.

It is the latest accolade for Emily Cummins, originally from Cross Hills, who was crowned one of the UK’s women of the year in 2009.

Emily, a former pupil at South Craven School, was 15 when she developed her first idea for a toothpaste dispenser for people with arthritis.

She has been recognised for her latest invention, a solar powered fridge that provides storage of medicines and a water-carrying device to help transport water over long distances. Her latest project is to continue to further develop her solar powered. refrigerator.

Emily is completing her final year as an Enterprise Scholar at Leeds University, studying Business Management. Her goal is to travel in the developing world to learn more about their resourceful and innovative ways of everyday life.

She was nominated for her world title by Philip Cavalier-Lumley, president of Bradford Junior Chamber.

Mr Cavalier-Lumley said “I first heard about Emily last year. The Telegraph & Argus reported on Emily winning the Barclays Woman of The Year Award.

“I invited Emily to be a keynote speaker at one of JCI UK’s events in January.

“Emily is an incredible human being and for someone so young to make such an impact and save countless lives is outstanding. Nominating Emily for this award was a privilege.”

Junior Chamber International honours ten outstanding people under 40 each year. Emily, has been honoured for her “extraordinary work in sustainable product design and innovation”.

She will be honoured at the JCI World Congress in Japan in November.