People in Bradford are being given a unique opportunity to quiz West Yorkshire Police Authority about the way it runs the Force.

Residents throughout West Yorkshire will be able to ask questions about how the Authority sets the police budget and the police council tax precept, police performance and targets, and the role members play in scrutinising Force plans, policies and activities on behalf of the public.

It will be the first time questions raised by the public will be answered by the Police Authority when it meets in October.

Police Authority chairman Councillor Mark Burns-Williamson said: “This is a chance for people to ask questions about the work we carry out, and also raise any issues or concerns they may have.”

Anyone who submits a question will be given the opportunity to attend the meeting and ask the question in person.

If they are unable to attend, or do not wish to, an answer will be sent following the meeting.

Police Authority staff will be available to offer advice on how to word the questions.

Coun Burns-Williamson said: “West Yorkshire Police Authority scrutinises the work of the Force, sets the budgets and monitors activities on behalf of the public.

“We do not, however, answer any questions around operational policing directly as this is under the control of the Chief Constable, but the role of members is to ask and scrutinise the Chief Constable on behalf of the public.”

The deadline for questions is Friday, October 1. They will be answered at the full authority meeting on Friday, October 8.

Anyone wishing to submit a question, or who would like further information or assistance with the wording of a question, is asked to contact West Yorkshire Police Authority at Ploughland House, 62 telephone (01924) 294006 or e-mail chair@wypa.