Bradford Council has submitted plans for a new £3m footbridge, which will form part of a network of pedestrian and cycle routesin Bradford.

The Connect2 Manchester Road Bridge scheme would see an existing concrete bridge over one of the city’s busiest roads replaced and the route become part of the National Cycle Network.

Sustainable transport charity Sustrans, which is running the Connect2 project in partnership with the Council, hopes to create a more appealing route between Newby Primary School and a park near to Hutson Street.

The scheme will form part of a traffic-free ‘living street’ between Bradford city centre and Bowling Park.

A year-long consultation for the bridge, which will have space for cyclists and pedestrians, was carried out by community-led regeneration company Bradford Trident.

Claire Wright, Connect2 co-ordinator for Yorkshire and the Humber, said: “The bridge is crucial to the whole scheme, it’s absolutely essential.

“We want children to be able to access the park and not be stopped in getting to places by this road. It’s about reconnecting two sides of the city. By doing these sorts of things we can help with the regeneration of Bradford.

“People are overwhelmingly in favour of the bridge and any suggestions have been worked into the design so it reflects the comments of local users.”

Half of the funding for the bridge came from the Connect2 scheme winning a Big Lottery Fund TV vote in 2007.

Completed sections of the living street run past high rise accommodation from Radwell Drive, off Senior Way, and in front of Aldi supermarket.

Last month Bradford Council leader Councillor Ian Greenwood led a walk along the route to explain more about the living street concept. He said: “We believe this is an iconic structure which will not only act as a physical gateway across Manchester Road but will also maintain links between Marshfield, Little Horton and West Bowling."

Subject to planning permission, work is expected to start on the bridge in 2011 with a view to opening it in 2012.