Staring out from behind a bed post, surrounded by a yellow glow, is the tiny, pale face of what appears to be a young woman. But is she actually a phantom?

This creepy image was taken in the Ghost Room at Bradford’s most haunted building, Bolling Hall, believed to be the home of a mysterious white lady.

The photograph was given to the Telegraph & Argus by John Holmes, 65, who had visited the hall with a friend from Brazil.

Mr Holmes, 65, originally of Lister Hills, Bradford, said: “We took this photograph and it wasn’t until we put it on to the computer that we thought ‘what’s that?’ and started looking at it.

“I was like most people, I couldn’t believe it. I have felt a presence in that room before but I’ve never taken photographs.”

Mr Holmes returned to the hall and took photographs from several different angles to see whether the mysterious face could have been someone standing on the other side of a door by the bed.

He said: “In order to see through the door you would have to stand by the side of the bed. We have taken photograph after photograph trying to disprove that this is a ghost. You can feel there’s definitely something in there. From the angle we took the photo you can’t see the door. We have taken pictures from every possible angle and you can’t see anything.”

This was the second ghostly encounter for Mr Holmes, who works in a public mortuary in London.

When he moved to his first home in the capital he saw a young girl brushing her hair on the end of his bed.

He discovered his house was built on the site of an old church and held a seance for her.