Thousands of people who live or work in Bradford are set to be asked for their views on what can be done to reinvigorate the city centre.

Reinvestment Bradford, a social enterprise that is being set up to promote the sustainable regeneration of the city centre, is organising a survey of public attitudes towards Bradford’s shops and facilities.

The organisation is aiming to distribute 10,000 copies of a questionnaire, asking people how they rate the city and what measures could be taken to improve matters.

Yesterday, the Telegraph & Argus carried out a snapshot survey in the city centre to get a taste of the type of answers that might be forthcoming.

Some people said the physical appearance of the city centre needed to be more attractive, others said extra public toilets would be an asset, while several respondents said a greater variety of shops was needed, including more department stores.

Jonathan Crewdson, who is planning to officially launch Reinvestment Bradford in October, said: “The aim of the questionnaire is to assess what the market thinks of Bradford and what it would like to see offered so that businesses can respond better to consumer interests.

“It will also help Reinvestment Bradford to more accurately plan projects to support regeneration in the centre.

“Among the questions being asked are whether people feel Bradford offers a good enough range of products and services, the quality of what is currently on offer and ideally what people would like to see sold through local shops and services.”

Mr Crewdson said people would be asked if they wanted to see a ‘greener’ city centre, including seeing more food grown and sold locally and more renewable energy such as solar power.

Reinvestment Bradford is looking for traders to support the survey through sponsorship of at least £100 each, or offering prizes for a draw that people who complete the survey will be entered into, and to offer their shops as collection points for receiving the questionnaires.

For more information about the survey and to offer sponsorship or prizes, call Mr Crewdson on 07849 332293 or e-mail