An animal charity has warned of a crisis of dumped cats as re-homing centres across Bradford district are becoming packed to capacity.

A rising number of cats and kittens have been dumped and rescued in the past few weeks, with some sealed up in boxes or abandoned in carrier bags, the RSPCA said.

There have been so many abandoned animals over the past few weeks that catteries have been unable to cope, according to RSPCA spokesman Pam Laking.

“We have almost reached saturation point for people to adopt cats,” she said. “They can live for 15 to 20 years and they are being born at a much faster rate than people can adopt them.

“We really need the public’s help in neutering their cats and we also need more money to help find homes for kittens and cats.

“I know these are difficult financial times for people, but almost all the catteries are completely full. A lot of people have lost their homes and just dumped their cats and they need help.”

A pair of kittens was discovered by an RSPCA officer tied to a lamppost, while two others – aged just eight or nine weeks old – were found in a carrier bag in Bradford over the last few weeks, said Mrs Laking.

Another Persian cat, named Binky, was found wandering the streets in a “dreadful” state with matted hair and her tail cut off, she said.

Mrs Laking, Craven and Upper Wharfedale RSPCA branch administrator, said: “Every day they are being found in boxes and bags and all the local rescue groups are absolutely full to the brim.

“They have huge waiting lists – one told me they have a 200-cat waiting list – and none of us know what to do.

“We have got to find some kind of solution because the animals are suffering – and they are the innocent ones.”

Anyone who can help re-home cats or wishes to donate to Craven and Upper Wharfedale RSPCA should call Mrs Laking on 07949 229955.