It's about as fashionable as an Emmerson, Lake and Palmer album, but I love it.

I still haven’t fathomed why so many oenophiles do not share my voracious appetite for German Riesling.

There are, I believe, a number reasons, not least of which is the stigma of cloying liebfraumilch, leftover from the wines of the 1970s and 1980s.

The plus side is that because German riesling is not in vogue, the wines are sold at very reasonable prices, especially when quality is taken into consideration.

Take this week’s pair of recommendations, for example.

The Naked Grape Riesling 2008, from the Pfalz region, is on the dry side of off-dry, with lots of minerality, apple aromas and flavours of citrus and peach.

Its fresh acidity means the residual sugar is hardly noticeable, but this slight sweetness makes the wine a good option with spicy Asian cuisine.

It also offers fantastic value for money.

As does the snappily named Deutschherrenhof Trierer Deutschherrenberg Riesling Spätlese 2002 from the Mosel.

This is light on alcohol at only eight per cent abv, but big on sweet flavour.

Perfect as a palate-freshening aperitif, it delivers zesty, sherbet flavours of pineapple, pear and lemon with just a hint of kerosene on the nose.

I ate at the newly opened Gaucho restaurant, in Leeds, earlier in the month.

Gaucho in Park Row, is the newest addition to a smallish chain of restaurants that dish up some cracking ceviche and super steaks.

More pertinently for this column, the restaurants list more than 150 Argentine wines.

If you are in London you can buy these wines at retail prices to take home from the Cavas De Gaucho in Piccadilly.

Otherwise, you can always bite the bullet and pay the restaurant prices with a meal in Leeds.

As a very special treat, I can recommend El Porvenir de Los Andes Laborum 2005, a very elegant, velvety malbec, richly perfumed with violets and lavender and touting black fruits in abundance.

Or the more affordable, structured, spicy, steak-friendly Vina Patricia Malbec 2008, which oozes black cherry, violets and dark chocolate.

Gaucho, Park Row, Leeds – phone 0113 246 1777.

• The Naked Grape Riesling 2008, Pfalz, £6.64 at Waitrose 18/20.

• Deutschherrenhof Trierer Deutschherrenberg Riesling Spätlese 2002, Mosel, £7.99 each when you buy two at Majestic 17/20.