Trust me – I’m a Yorkshireman!

A new survey has found that the Tyke accent is the most trustworthy in the country, knocking the Geordies and the Welsh into second and third places.

And at the bottom of the pile in tenth place are Liverpudlians, who were voted the least trusted accent by Brits surveyed for the report.

The warm, dulcet tones of the likes of celebrity Yorkshirefolk such as singer and TV personality Jane McDonald, cricketing legend Dickie Bird and even Emmerdale’s ne’er-do-well Zak Dingle (actor Steve Halliwell) put people at ease more than any other regional twang.

Psychologist Dr Funke Baffour said: “Yorkshire and Geordie accents are often perceived as more pleasing to the ear as well as being representative of more trustworthy characters. In fact, it is believed that Yorkshire accents are most strongly associated with wisdom and intellect.”

And he’s a scientist – who could argue with that?

Dr Baffour said: “People with Scouse accents have often been labelled less intelligent, untrustworthy or cagey characters, despite the lack of evidential proof for this.

“Their negative reputation has been further emphasised by stereotypes in the media, such as Harry Enfield’s ‘The Scousers’.”

The full regional list is: 1 Yorkshire, 2 Geordie, 3 Welsh, 4 Scottish, 5 West Country, 6 Irish, 7 Cockney, 8 Brummie, 9 Mancunian, 10 Scouse.

The research was carried out for internet car dealer