Conservative candidate Stuart Andrew believes development and transport, the economy and immigration are the key issues for voters in the Pudsey constituency.

Major developments and the Government’s housing targets are putting massive pressure on the infrastructure as well as threatening the green belt between Bradford and Leeds, he says.

“We will scrap the housing targets and free local councils to set their own figures and I am campaigning for our fair share of transport funding; something that has been lacking,” he said.

“We will also help pensioners by increasing the state pension, restore the link with average earnings and keep the free bus passes, winter fuel allowance and free TV licences.”

Labour’s Jamie Hanley believes the main issues affecting the area are defending vital services, protecting the environment and promoting local jobs.

He said: “I would ensure Labour’s commitment to maintain investment in our NHS, schools and police is implemented locally.

“This would further reduce waiting times, and ensure cancer patients are diagnosed and treated quickly. It would retain the resources that have secured our best ever school results and major building improvements.”

In addition he believes protecting the local environment means opposing the excessive development permitted by the Tory/Lib Dem-controlled Council, promoting public transport and tackling the hazards of congestion and road safety.

Jamie Matthews, for the Liberal Democrats, wants to tackle local unemployment by creating green jobs.

“We should reopen old railway networks and build our way out of recession,” he said.

“We must radically improve the public transport network and insulate homes, creating jobs in the process. We must tackle debt.”

He believes that for 65 years the country has had the two old parties making the same old mistakes and that it is time for fresh ideas with the Liberal Democrats. He believes in protecting the constituency’s green belt and fighting over-development as local services cannot cope.

He also voted against the expansion of Leeds-Bradford Airport on the planning committee, as he believes the roads cannot cope with more cars.