This is a cuddle that mum Jana Vanova feared she would never have again.

She says it’s a miracle her three-year-old son is still alive after being startled onto a road by a dog and ran into the path of a bus.

He might be bruised and battered and suffering a broken collar bone but Sebastian Horvath had a lucky escape.

It was tea-time on Wednesday when he got scared by a dog and ran into the road just doors from where he lives in Lynfield Drive, Chellow Grange.

The tot, along with his other brothers and sisters, had been out in the street because they were desperate for ice-creams she could not afford, said his mum.

Miss Vanova, who is Slovakian and has four other children, said she wanted other parents to hear and learn from Sebastian’s story.

Through an interpreter she said: “Maybe it will help other people to be more careful.”

The accident happened at about 5.10pm as the single-decker First bus coming from Heights Lane was on its Haworth route.

The driver stopped immediately and so did the driver of a Toyota car who had been travelling in the opposite direction and had seen what happened.

Police now want to trace the mystery Good Samaritan who helped the driver with Sebastian while emergency services were called. The Toyota driver then left the scene without leaving a name or contact number.

Sebastian was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary with a broken collarbone and severe abrasions to his face. He has been seen by plastic surgeons and may have to undergo surgery today to clean and further assess his facial wounds.

A spokesman for First bus said its driver had been “travelling safely and within the road speed limit” when the boy “ran from behind a parked car into the path of the bus”.

First is fully co-operating with West Yorkshire Police’s investigation and has also launched its own internal investigation into what happened.

The spokesman said: “Our immediate thoughts are with the young boy and his family and we hope he makes a quick and healthy recovery.

“Safety is our number one priority and so we are assisting police with the inquiry into this incident. In addition we will be carrying out our own thorough internal investigation which will include looking at all relevant CCTV from our buses as well as talking to the driver in question.”

The driver of the Toyota or anyone else who witnessed the incident should contact PC James Alderson of Airedale and North Bradford Roads Policing on 0845 60 60 606.