The minarets at a Bradford mosque have been named the most beautiful in Europe.

The distinctive structures at the Madni Jamia Masjid Mosque in Thornbury Road beat those at more than 50 other mosques across the continent in a contest run by COJEP International, a youth charity partnered with the Council of Europe.

A panel made up of artists, architects, heritage experts and representatives of different faiths met at the European Parliament in Strasbourg to determine the winner. They examined photographs of 53 minarets from 13 countries before selecting those at the Bradford mosque.

Ishtiaq Ahmed, of Bradford Council for Mosques, said: “It’s very proud and welcome news for Bradford. In the last ten to 15 years we have seen an emergence of some beautiful mosque structures in the city, and this is one of them.

“The fact that it’s recognised not only in the UK but in Europe is tremendous news for Bradford.”

Minarets at mosques in Stockholm, Rome, Granada and Oslo were shortlisted in the competition.

The four minarets at Madni Jamia Masjid were added last year during the final phase of construction of the mosque, which was started ten years ago.

Mohammed Ashfaq, vice- chairman of the mosque’s management committee, which chose the design of the minarets, said: “They are beautiful. A lot of work has gone into them. Winning the competition is a pleasant surprise.”

The mosque is also home to the Islamic Cultural and Educational Association. Around 6,000 people are thought to use its facilities each week. Activities include religious conferences and community events. In 2007, the mosque beat more than 1,000 others in the UK in a competition run by Islam Channel to be named Britain’s Model Mosque for its community work.