It’s fair to say Mark Lawn won’t feature on Bradford Council’s Christmas card list.

Having sat on his hands long enough, he let rip last week over the local authority’s handling of the Odsal redevelopment plan. Now Lawn’s having a pop about a lack of suitable training facilities within Bradford.

Some might view it as a witch-hunt; a pre-election chance to dig out the council for anything and everything.

Lawn is hardly a shrinking violet when it comes to dishing out the flak but his criticism over the training ground is 100 per cent valid. It is embarrassing that the Bantams cannot find a new base within the city’s boundaries.

So instead, like seemingly everything else, they will go to Leeds where, in Lawn’s words, the university have greeted the club “with open arms”.

Pointedly, he remarked that the deal over the Weetwood grounds was sorted in less than a month.

Does it really matter which side of the ring road City train?

Probably not. But it is another galling example of the city of Bradford being shoved into the corner by their bigger brother Leeds.