Shoppers were treated to a soap exclusive today when they watched two different outcomes of Coronation Street’s murder trial filmed in Centenary Square, Bradford.

Crowds gathered to watch filming outside City Hall, where a sign read Weatherfield Courts of Justice.

In one scene Gail MacIntyre, alias actress Helen Worth, emerged from the building flanked by sons, David, played by Pudsey actor Jack P Shepherd, and Nick (Ben Price), and her mother Audrey (Sue Nicholls).

Chased by reporters and photographers, played by extras, they ran to a waiting cab, giving the impression that Gail had been acquitted.

As Corrie fans will know, innocent Gail was charged with murder following the death of her debt-ridden husband, Joe, whose body was found in the Lake District where he had planned to fake his own death. Filming of the trial has taken place over the past two weeks at City Hall.

Running down the City Hall steps Gail cried: “Tina, you heard what the judge said!” Joe’s daughter Tina, played by actress Michelle Keegan was clearly distressed at the outcome of the Court case and was comforted by her on-screen boyfriend Jason, actor Ryan Thomas.

In an alternative scene, David, Nick and Audrey came down the steps looking upset, with David angrily confronting Tina.

Street busybodies Norris and Mary, played by Malcolm Hebden and Pattie Clare, stood at the bottom of the steps, watching the action unfold.

Crowds of onlookers shouted out to their soap idols, who waved back.

A spokesman for the production team said two outcomes were being filmed. Fans will be on tenterhooks until the summer to find out Gail’s fate.

Her trial is the second high-profile Coronation Street murder trial to be filmed at Bradford City Hall following the 2007 trial of Tracy Barlow.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor John Godward, called the recent filming “another great coup for Bradford” since its designation as Unesco City of Film.