People are being urged to take part in a consulation process over noise levels at Leeds-Bradford Airport.

Completed questionnaires for the airport’s noise action plan must be returned by Tuesday, April 27, but Aireborough Civic Society believes many people are not aware that their views are wanted.

Copies of the document and a questionnaire are in local libraries and on the airport’s website, and the civic society is urging people to speak up.

A society spokesman said: “This is the last chance to influence this plan which will control noise from aircraft for the next five years.

“Aireborough Civic Society has looked at this plan closely.

“Much of it is concerned with current regulations concerning jet aircraft using the airport.

“It also talks about working with the local community to improve noise problems. We are therefore surprised and disappointed to find no mentio about reducing the problem of noise from light aircraft and just a single sentence about noise from helicopters. Noise from light aircraft was a major problem for many residents last summer and Leeds-Bradford Airport promised to improve the situation as part of its planning application for the new terminal.”