Dan Thorpe emerged as the winner of the Chris Carter Trophy trial in the Washburn Valley on Sunday where riders, officials, and observers were battered by hail and sleet as well as snow showers and a sub- zero temperature.

Chief course plotters James Noble and Andrew Carter also battled with the elements during the build-up to what was the third round of the national Novogar Clubman's championship.

The ten mile lap covered Fewston and Norwood but centered on Dob Park where a hundred vehicles packed the car park.

Plans to mark sections in the River Washburn were axed when three feet of water flooded down the valley. Ground conditions did not help the Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club's annual event.

Consequently new sections in the woods near Sword Point, overlooking the centuries old pack horse bridge at Dob Park, proved to be tougher than expected.

Winner Thorpe did not score in the Novogar series as he and third placed Ben Hemingway are ineligible on the scoresheet so West Leeds member Sam Ludgate won the Novogar class. Top over 40 rider was Ilkley decorator Graham Tales who was placed 18th in the overall results.

Trial axed

One casualty of the weekend weather was the Ripon trial at Greenhow on Saturday. With road conditions becoming critical the organisers axed the event on Saturday morning.

Rathmell wins

Otley rider Jon Rathmell won the Horsforth trial at Tong on Sunday where the conditions at Home Farm were on the muddy side. Exactly 90 riders took part in the novice and beginners event, competing in eight classes.

Bradford trial

Conditions at Cowling Cragg were not much better than at Greenhow for the Bradford club's championship trial. The venue was blanketed with snow on Saturday morning then as the trial closed the last 30 minutes were spent dodging giant hailstones.

Rider of the day was Class B competitor Thomas Wolfendon, from Laneshawbridge, who won the clubman class.

Weekend Results

Yeadon-Guiseley MC Chris Carter Memorial Trophy Trial, Dob Park: Experts - 1, Dan Thorpe(Gas Gas) 15; 2, Ben Hemingway (Repsol Beta) 21; 3, Mika Vesterinen (Gas Gas) 26; 4, Ian Austermuhle (Repsol Beta) 27.

Novogar Championship - 1, Sam Ludgate (Repsol Beta) 20; 2, Martin Crosswaite (C&J Gas Gas) 26; 3, Chris Pearson (MRS Sherco) 27; 4, Dan Hemingway (Repsol Beta) 40; 5, Liam Walker (Gas Gas) 43; 6, James Fry (MRS Sherco) 43.125cc award: Ashley Smith (Gas Gas) 63. Over 40 - Graham Tales (Beta) 71.

Bradford DMC trial, Coling Cragg, Saturday: Experts - 1, Nathan Wrigglesworth (Sherco) 36; 2, James Fry (Sherco) 51; 3, Anthony Ayrton (Beta) 57. Inter - Neil Sharp (Gas Gas) 134. Novices - 1, Ross Crosby (Montesa) 81; 2, John Holdsworth (Sherco) 139; 3, Mathew Langford (Beta) 160. Youth A - 1, Luke Kay (Beta) 103; 2, Lee Whelan (Montesa) 139; 3, Matthew Lord (Beta) 158. Youth B - 1, Thomas Rushton (Gas Gas) 127. Green course, Inter - Jamie Jones (Gas Gas) 74. Novices - 1, Richard Taylor (Beta) 92; 2, Darren Holmes (Beta) 132; 3, Gary Bowerman (Gas Gas) 132. Youth A -1, Matthew Abbey (Sherco) 120; 2, Chris Hunt (Gas Gas) 127; 3, Daniel Shutt (Montesa) 152. Clubmen - 1 Brian Curran (Beta) 85; 2 Ian Harrison (Montesa) 85; 3 Steve Gridley (Beta) 94. Over 40s - 1, Steve Dale (Montesa) 73; 2, Dave Fry (Scorpa) 81; 3, Bob Jones (Gas Gas) 91.Youth A - 1, Liam Brown (Montesa) 134; 2, Robert Berry (Yamaha) 148. Youth B - 1, Sam Jennings (Gas Gas) 124; 2, Tom Middleton (Beta) 131; 3, Joe Jennings (Beta) 172.

Horsforth DMC trial, Home Farm, Tong: Hard course, Novices - 1, J Rathmell (Sherco) 4; 2, M Wilson (Gas Gas) 8; C Manby (Scorpa) 10. Over-40s: 1, P Wilson (Montesa) 10; 2, G Lee (Montesa) 23; 3, P Hobson (Beta) 28. Class A - 1, B Oughton (Beta) 46; 2, D Duffill (Gas Gas) 50; ,3 C Monie (Gas Gas) 66. Easy course-Novices - 1, C Moran (Beta) 14; 2, J Davey (Sherco) 17; 3, L Sellers (Montesa) 18. Over-40s - 1, L Carroll (Sherco) 9; 2, J Barraclough (Gas Gas) 17; 3, C Wigglesworth (Sherco) 19.Youth B - D Stringer (Beta) 17. Youth C - E Berry (Beta) 34.