A film shot extensively in Keighley has been released on DVD.

Between Two Women, set in Yorkshire in the late 1950s, was filmed in and around Grove Mill at Ingrow.

The former British Mohair Spinners premises will soon be transformed into a £65 million apartment complex.

Between Two Women was the debut production from Leeds-based North Country Pictures.

The movie stars TV actors Barbara Marten, from Casualty, Andrina Carol and Andrew Dunn.

The film -- shot six years ago -- follows married couple Geoff and Ellen's conflict over whether their son can rise above his working-class roots.

Ellen's marriage is further strained when she falls in love with her artist son's teacher Kathy.

Scenes in Between Two Women were shot at Damems Station, behind Keighley Station and on Ingrow Bridge, as well as the mill itself.

North Country Pictures used the deserted mill complex to recreate the working-class setting for the nostalgic movie.

On first release the "poignant, professionally contemporary and handsomely crafted" movie was praised for its script, acting and directing.

The DVD and video were delayed to coincide with the release of North Country Pictures' follow-up The Jealous God.

That film -- released last month on DVD -- was another nostalgic film based on Bingley writer John Braine's novel. Its premiere was held at the Rex Cinema in Elland last year.

Steven Woodcock, of North Country Pictures, told the Keighley News he had returned to Grove Mills since making a film.

Making a documentary to go with the DVD release, he was disappointed to find the mill was undergoing changes.

He said: "This was a stunning location which we used to the full, but it has now gone forever as a period film setting."

Between Two Women has been released by Odyssey Quest.