FORESTRY work and improvements to rights of way are under way on Otley Chevin.

As part of a programme of works aimed at encouraging more visitors, including disabled people, to the park, hedge cutting and the relaying of paths is under way.

At the first meeting of the Chevin Forest Park and Countryside Forum last week, Otley councillors met with Leeds countryside officers and new estate manager Richard Marsh to discuss plans.

At Monday's environmental committee meeting of Otley Town Council, committee chairman Millie Stott said it had been a positive meeting.

She pointed out that the park was hugely popular and it was good to see that Leeds was investing time in making it more accessible for all.

But Coun Kevin Cooney raised concerns about the numbers of rangers available and questioned whether new manager Richard Marsh would remain on site after compiling a ten-year plan for the area.

A spokeswoman for Leeds City Council said: "The purpose of the meeting is to deal with the principles of countryside access and land management with discussion between the city council and local representatives.

"The forum will enable the Parks and Countrysides officers within Leeds City Council to show the initiatives and progress that is being made with regard to progress and land management.

"The forum is intended to bring together interested parties in order that they may understand more fully each others concerns, needs and expectations and is not intended to replace existing consultation and complaint procedures."

The group will meet twice a year with an optional third if required and agreed by the city council.