Station pigeons ' a health hazard'

SIR, - Over recent weeks I have noticed, as I am sure thousands of other residents and commuters have spotted, the concourse of Ilkley Railway Station has potentially become a breeding ground for disease.

Pigeons are nesting in the Victorian roof supports. Without the option of putting up preventative netting we have a situation where bird excrement is being littered on to the walkway, directly by the public telephone booth (which over looks the Indian restaurant).

This is an utter disgrace. In the UK we are fending off the possibility of the much publicised H5N1 'flu virus infecting our birds. However, on our doorstep dead pigeons have been left to decompose (see photograph on this page).

Despite the concourse being hosed down, the council should take preventative and cost saving action to either place netting up or have an ultrasonic device to deter pigeons from nesting. Environmental Health Officers should be instructed to carry out this essential work.

Ilkley attracts tourists year round, some of whom travel by train. Whether the responsibility lies directly with the council or the rail company surely it is in the best interests of everyone concerned to alleviate this issue.

Charles Lowe

Full address supplied.

Factory protest

SIR, - It was with not a little surprise, that I read the front page report in your February 23 edition about the proposed developments on Spooner's site.

Spooner's managing director, Michael Brook, has certainly not apologised to me, nor have I had the benefit of a consultation or presentation.

It seems that he has spoken to two of my neighbours and they had made inquiries of the company on behalf of two other residents. There are I believe 16 houses in Wharfedale Drive. What about the rest of us?

I have now begun to make my own inquiries about the planning application and I am astonished that apparently, there have not been hundreds of objections to the proposals.

It seems the new building will block our view of the hills, will create more traffic in narrow streets and enable 24-hour working with the potential for noise and pollution that more metal bashing will bring. It seems a nonsense to me to build a large factory in the middle of a residential area.

I only moved to Wharfedale Drive as it is a very quiet cul de sac, convenient for the town and its amenities. I did not expect to be overlooking a large industrial building.

Peter Graham

4 Wharfedale Drive,


Lost opportunity

SIR, - Am I the only regular user of Cowpasture Road to rue the missed chance contractors for Yorkshire Water have had over the last couple of weeks?

Grubbing up the road at the junction with Wheatley Road and Ben Rhydding Road, the workers putting in new pipes, or whatever on earth they are doing, had the perfect opportunity to obliterate the comedy roundabout at that location.

Bradford Council highway engineers, having put the thing in, will take half a century to admit they have made a mistake and pull it up again, despite their political overlord, Councillor Anne Hawkesworth, publicly stating that it was in the wrong place.

I can only suggest one of their engineers stands at the roundabout for a couple of hours watching Burley Woodhead-bound drivers go the wrong way round it, sensibly ignoring the long and ludicrous detour round what is supposed to be the right way.

Hopefully, this may have some effect of softening their 'There is no alternative - resistance is useless' attitude. However, those expecting commonsense to prevail should not hold their breath.

It would have been much simpler to slip a couple of quid to the Yorkshire Water contractors to dig the whole of the thing up and replace it with black ashphalt, claiming that a mistake had been made.

It would probably have taken Bradford Council officials ten years to realise that their pointless and annoying obstruction had disappeared from the face of the earth. By that time the water/gas/electric, telephone, television company would have thought of another excuse to dig the whole town up again.


Name and address supplied

Missing the issue

SIR, - All the correspondence I have read on the subject of the Victoria Road lights in Ilkley misses one central issue.

Whilst the points being made about delays and pollution are all valid, the main thing is that the lights do not in fact 'reduce congestion in Ilkley', as anyone who uses the A65 from Addingham to Ilkley regularly will know.

So as well as introducing problems that weren't there before, they don't even do what they were designed for.

John Crellin

Coppy Road,


Marathon appeal

SIR, - The London Marathon takes place in April and I would be grateful if you would allow me to use your columns to make an appeal to runners who are definitely taking part but who as yet have not decided on a charity for which to run.

Please run forus! Leukaemia CARE is a national charity looking after people in your neck of the woods. We provide care and support for people affected by the leukaemias. We provide vital care and support services to patients, their families and carers during the difficult journey through diagnosis and treatment.

We'll provide anyone who runs for us in the London Marathon with the same level of support as our Gold Bond runners and they, too, can join the post-race party and have a complimentary massage once they cross the finishing line!

Full details can be obtained by calling us on 0870 774 4266 or by visiting our special Flora London Marathon page at

Louise Carlin

National Fundraising Manager,

Leukaemia CARE,

National Office,

One Birch Court,

Blackpole East,

Worcester , WR3 8SG.

Another way

SIR, - I note with interest Mr J Turner's letter with its suggestion to reopen the Old Keighley Gate road over Ilkley Moor as a means to reduce traffic on the eastern and western approaches to Ilkley.

On proper reflection, the ideas is not as daft as it would at first seem.

Given that the road is steep in places and requires repairs and resurfacing in sections, it would give the driver an alternative route over to the Aire Valley, taking pressure off the Addingham/Silsden and Cowpasture Road/Burley Woodhead routes.

I also understand that Ilkley Moor is in the ownership of Bradford Council and, therefore, any works would presumably not involve any protracted legal issues.

Compare the above to the likely cost of an Ilkley bypass! I think the idea merits further investigation.


Noseby Cottage,



Threat to moors

SIR, - Your correspondent from Stilton Grange is clearly crackers.

The enhancement of a route from Ilkley to Keighley would further damage our beautiful moors and environment, a process that is already ongoing thanks to the increasing car culture.

The simple solution is to put more money into public transport.


The Beeching,

Dennis Lane,


Idea appalling

SIR, - The idea that Keighley Gate Road could be widened and paved (Letters, February 23) to ease traffic problems in Ilkley is appalling.



2 Bark Lane,


Panto thanks

SIR, - I would very much like to thank everyone who supported our pantomime - Cinderella, this year.

As well as raising funds for the Memorial Hall in Addingham, we also choose a charity to support and this year we decided it should be The Meningitis Trust. Due to the generosity of our audiences, we raised £650, a record sum of money.

From us all - a huge thank you to everyone who supported us.


Addingham Pantomime.

(Full name provided)