With the regeneration of Bradford under way, the city can look forward to new buildings, new shops and possibly a lake, coming into the city centre.

And one Bradford music fan is hoping to deliver what he considers to be an essential missing ingredient - some rock and roll.

The Gas Works was opening in Duke Street today and hopes to become a venue for bands on national tours, as well as giving fledgling young musicians their first start in the music business.

Owner and manager Max Marshall opened the venue in response to what he described as Bradford's chronic shortage of live music venues.

Talking from the new venue, he said: "I am starting this place because it is needed.

"If you go to Leeds there are 15 or more venues where you can go watch bands - here there is just a couple.

"People in Bradford are having to drive all over the place just to catch a band.

"With the rise of bands like the Kaiser Chiefs, youngsters are starting to pick up guitars and want to play again.

"I am going to have an under 16s night with no alcohol to let these young bands have their start in life. The best ones will get support slots with the bigger national bands when they play here on tour."

The venue takes its name from the cult movie Wayne's World and has a capacity of 300 people, making it one of the biggest in Bradford. It also boasts a 12ft high screen and will employ a staff of 16.

Mr Marshall, who has been involved in the music business all his life, hopes that the venue will benefit from the influx of people coming to live in the city centre.

"There are thousands of people flocking into the city at the moment, just across the there is a huge block of luxury apartments going up.

"These people are going to want somewhere to go for entertainment and this is where this place comes in.

"I have managed successful bands and know how the music business works - I am hoping this place will be a big success and help me to branch out."

Tonight's opening will feature performances by Bradford stalwarts Rent and Leeds band Xi.

Anyone who wants information about future events can contact Mr Marshall on 07821 312030.