Residents living near a derelict clubhouse want Bradford Council bosses to bring in the bulldozers.

They say the Old Vets' (Veterans) Hut in Ainsbury Avenue, Thackley, once a popular haunt for domino players, has not been used for years.

Their campaign to get rid of it is being backed by local ward councillor Dave Ward who has condemned the single-storey wooden-clad hut as "dangerous".

He said: "It's been left to fall into a dreadful mess, it's dangerous and it's an invitation to vandals. I'm asking the Council's asset management department to demolish it immediately"

The hut, which is owned by the Council, stands on part of the village's recreation ground which runs towards Thackley Wood and is next to a well-trodden public footpath.

Coun Ward said: "Ideally we want to see the land that the hut is on returned to be part of the village's recreational space. We don't want anything put up in its place - especially not any housing."

One of the campaigners battling to get the hut knocked down is Bill Craven, who said: "We had to campaign for many months to get the Council to do that.

"We had quite a fight on our hands. It's been a big area for Thackley people to enjoy as they want for as long as I can remember and I'm 70 and have lived here all my life.

"About 15 years ago the Council wanted to let it out for grazing but us residents took them on and we got it designated as a proper recreation ground.

"The hut's just become an


"It hasn't been used for donkeys of years. It's no use to anyone now because it's in such a state.

"Kids are hanging around it now and I think there has been at least one attempt by vandals to burn it down."

Another resident Freda Harrison, 60, who lives next to the hut, said the sooner the hut was pulled down, the better.

"It's falling to bits and kids keep tugging parts of it off. Someone set it on fire on Monday, and it's only a yard from an electricity sub-station.

"I don't want it next door in that state."