Bradford Community Housing Trust tenants are facing an above- inflation rent rise.

From April 3 the Trust's newest tenants will see their weekly rents increase by inflation plus £2.17.

Those who were already tenants when the Trust took over Council housing in 2003, who have a five-year rent guarantee, will see prices rise by inflation plus 1.5 per cent.

The Trust sent out letters to tenants yesterday informing them of the new rent prices.

Tenants' representative Mike Stocks, chairman of the Community Association for the Generation of Estates, said he feared rent for former Council tenants would rise dramatically when the guarantee period was over.

The Government sets the level of rent for social housing landlords.

In setting new levels from April it wants to review the difference between rents paid for smaller and larger properties.

The formula for working out rent levels for homes with three or more bedrooms has therefore changed.

New tenants in smaller accommodation (less than three bedrooms) will see their weekly rent increased by a similar amount to tenants covered by the rent guarantee.

BCHT has informed the Housing Benefits and Supporting People Units of the changes.

About 2,000 people who rent garages from the Trust are also being notified of a change in their rent from April 3.

BCHT group director of finance Derrick Palmer said: "The Trust is legally bound by the rent levels set by the Government and as an open and responsible social landlord we have written to every tenant giving full details of the changes.

"Pre-stock transfer tenants will continue to benefit from the rent guarantee we promised in 2003.

"I would urge anyone who has a query about the rent changes or needs advice about possible benefit entitlement to contact their local Trust office where staff will be happy to help."