Shakira -- Oral Fixation Vol 2

The woman with the mighty warble is back after four years with an album just as good as her worldwide hit Laundry Service.

There's less of the Arabian and Latin in this new disc with the focus more on the rocky side of her many-faceted songbook.

But Shakira still finds time for a multitude of styles, with Latin horns, electro, tribal choruses and Gregorian chants only some of the diversions.

And while each song is distinctive on its own, they all come together in one addictive whole. Excellent.

David Knights

God's Kitchen

Three CDs full of club music will have most people wanting to shoot themselves, but most of these tracks are quite cool as they're not all electronic.

They're a mix of tracks from the late 1990s and early 2000s, with a few tracks from last year.

It's very much like other mega-mix CDs such as Clubland, and it seems once you have one you have them all.

This album sounds great when played in cars, and it's a shame club music has been branded talentless and chav music.

Emily Stewart