Two football teams will fold if new changing rooms cannot be found in time for the start of the next season.

Up to now Wrose Albion and Wrose Bull have managed to deal with lack of on-site showers and changing rooms at the Claremont Playing fields in Wrose Road by turning to neighbouring sports clubs for help.

But now the two teams, which must provide changing rooms as part of the rules of both the Wharfedale Sunday League and the Bradford Sunday Alliance, have been left out in the cold.

The changing rooms at Bolton Villas Cricket Club, which the teams rent out on alternate Sundays, are to be used for storage during a refurbishment of the club at the end of this year's cricket season.

Both football teams now have less than six months to secure alternative arrangements.

Ray Tate, the chairman and president of the Wharfedale Sunday League and the secretary of Wrose Albion FC, said the ideal solution would be to build a set of changing rooms and showers at Claremont Field.

He said the rooms could be used by all of the teams using the pitch, including the junior groups who, at the moment, have nowhere to change.

"It's a matter of either we get some changing facilities where we can change before the match or we don't play football," he said.

Mr Tate said he did not want to take the team to another pitch unless it was essential.

"We don't want to move from the ground where we have played for 30 years," he said.

Chris Slack, a member of the Wrose Bull FC committee, said the team have been playing at Claremont for more than 20 years.

"It's our home and we want to keep using that pitch, we are a Wrose team," he said.

Mr Slack said temporary buildings could be put up as a stop-gap until a more permanent plan had been secured but he said outside funding and support was essential.

"We can't do this on our own," he said. "We already run on a shoestring, it's a struggle to keep these teams going."

Wrose Parish Councillor Derek Deykin, who is on the amenities and recreation committee, said changing rooms and showers at Wrose Recreation Ground were part of a long-term parish plan.

But he said the Council was helping the teams find a short-term solution.

"We will try to get something done as a stop gap for next season," he said.

To offer sponsorship or help, telephone Wrose Parish Council chairman David Jessop on (01274) 595291.

l Wrose Albion FC are searching for former players and supporters to attend its 30th anniversary celebrations at Bradford City's Valley Parade ground on May 30. To contact Mr Tate telephone 07968 418306.