Pensioners at a sheltered housing complex are demanding protection against vandalism and intimidation.

Residents at Northcliffe View in Crag Road, Windhill, Shipley, say they are fed up of youths throwing missiles at their windows and vandalising the complex, which comprises 28 flats.

They are furious that Bradford Community Housing Trust has not yet installed a security fence, even though the idea was first mooted two years ago. And they are angry that bushes behind the building, where youths hide, have still not been removed.

Some of the pensioners in their 70s, 80s and 90s say they have been subjected to abuse from children as young as ten.

Residents held a meeting with Councillor Phillip Thornton (Lab, Windhill & Wrose) to express their concerns. A spokesman for Bradford Community Housing Trust said it was considering providing a fence as part of its review of sheltered housing facilities. The trust has also asked its new environmental team, based in Shipley, to prune back the bushes as soon as possible.

But resident Marjorie Marks, 82, said: "I have had eggs, tomatoes and stones thrown at my windows and they bang on my windows when I shut the curtains.

"The bushes where they hide should be removed completely, not just trimmed because they just grow back. The dustbin door, which is attached to the building, has been smashed three times this year and there has also been some graffiti.

"We need a fence around here to keep it more private. It's long overdue."

Jean Peacock, 75, said: "Children kick the football against my wall and windows. Once when I left the windows open I found a lad climbing up on the window sill trying to get in. They often come right up to the window and stare in.

"I've had three heart attacks and I shouldn't have to put up with this."

Coun Thornton said: "I was amazed when I found out that the bushes behind the building hadn't been removed. The area is used by children to hide as they throw stones at the windows. It's very distressing for the elderly people."

He has written to the housing trust numerous times regarding the provision of a fence around the accommodation.

Security has been a concern over the last six years and fears were heightened in 2003 when thieves stole a television, video recorder, karaoke machine and dartboard.

PC Dave Collyer, of Shipley Police, said: "We have had a lot of open dialogue with the warden and we got some good information back which allowed us to deal with quite a few problems. They do get kids playing football on the grass and kicking it against the windows. If they are looking to put fencing on there, it will be a help."