JOHN Lawn believes the issue of player burnout should also be considered as leagues seek to expand their numbers.

The Wharfedale coach said: "In sport in general there are great demands placed on players and sometimes they welcome a break. I'm not saying its wrong (to go to 16 clubs) but players should be involved in the process. They're the ones who get knocked around every weekend and have to travel long distances to games. If you are earning a full-time wage as a professional then fair enough, but it's different at semi-pro level."

Lawn added: "Not everybody has been involved in the process. There are coaches with far more knowledge than me who have coached in national one and two level for 10 to 15 years and should be consulted."

The Dale coach said he felt his players were happy with the current 14-team set-up, but added that he understood the commercial reasons for expansion.