Traditionalist fans of Seabrook crisps refuse to be foiled.

They have mounted an internet campaign to bring back the distinctive transparent packets.

They say the famous see-through wrapper is a distinctive part of the snack's 60-year history and should not have been replaced with modern foil packaging.

Their tongue-in-cheek website states: "We, the dedicated buyers and eaters of Sea-brook crisps, are in shock at the decision to start using foil packs for Seabrook's crisps.

"In the past, we could happily purchase our crisps, knowing exactly what we were going to get thanks to the 'see what you buy window'. Also gone is the much-loved slogan, 'More Than a Snack'.

"We shall not be buying any further packs of Seabrook crisps until the 'classic' packs are returned."

Seabrook chiefs are taking the rebellion with a pinch of salt and vinegar.

They introduced the new packs in November to better preserve the taste and freshness of their crisps - loved by connoisseurs worldwide.

Marketing manager Sarah Day said the firm had had many letters and positive comments - and sales had increased.

But fans writing on the website are still cheese-and-onioned off. One, named "Anna", said: "Seabrook are the best crisps out there and their failure to conform to the ubiquitous foil design was one of the major reasons I loved them. I'm sulking and will do so until you return our see-through packets." Gordon Noble, who says his favourite flavour is pickled onion, writes: "Wrong, I say. Keep the old, down with the new!"

Claire Jobson adds: "Sometimes, when dieting, it is nice to know I can pick up a packet of Seabrook crisps and just look at them ... through the window!"

But Sarah Day said the packaging had changed due to demand. Customers told us freshness is very important," she said.

"The 50g bag has been in foil for years. We moved the crinkle-cut range into foil in November.

"Inside are the same delicious crisps we have always sold but foil packets keep them fresher and tastier.

"We have actually kept to the Seabrook heritage - the new foil packet is very close to the design of the first packets 60 years ago."

The company has a long history in Bradford, beginning with its founding in 1945 by father and son Charlie and Colin Brook - who ran the Seabrook Fish Restaurant in Great Horton Road.

Seabrook produces around 150,000,000 packets a year from 20,000 tons of potatoes at its factory on Duncombe Street, Girlington.

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Seabrook launched a new fish-and-chip flavour which is very popular. But the best-seller is still the classic sea salt line.