A newly-opened hedgehog sanctuary has been so successful that its owner has come across a prickly problem.

Since Marianne Crowley, pictured, opened the Crystal Sanctuary at her home two months ago, she has taken in more than 20 spiky customers.

But once she has cared for the hedgehogs, Marianne is struggling to find suitable sites to release them back into the wild.

Demand has been so great at the sanctuary, in Prospect Mount, Fell Lane, Keighley, since the Keighley News reported that it opened, that Marianne is increasing the facility's capacity. She originally opened it with the ability to house 15 creatures.

She said: "Everything has been going great. I am starting to build a new shed.

"But my biggest problem has been finding a release site. I have released five but I am not 100 per cent happy with the places I let them go."

Now Marianne is hoping people around Keighley will suggest appropriate places for the hedgehogs to return to their natural habitat.

She added: "Mainly I want people who have quite large gardens away from busy roads.

"And if they use pesticides, it is no good."

Marianne is also asking the public to help her stock the sanctuary. She is particularly after blankets and cat food.

For more information on the Crystal Sanctuary and to assist Marianne, or to report a casualty, phone 01535 674672.