TEN months after being rejected for foundation status, South Craven School may have a second bite at the cherry.

Governors at the Cross Hills school have revealed a consultation process is under way, after which they will decide whether to make a second application.

Foundation status would mean the governors would be independent of the local education authority and responsible for their own policy admissions, employment of staff and maintaining and developing the school site.

The consultation period will last until November 18 and if governors decide to go-ahead, a statutory six-week representation period will begin. If approved, the change would take effect in April.

Chairman of governors Iain Harris said: "Our reasons for seeking this change have not changed since we last looked into this two years ago.

"We have delayed making this (second) application until the new procedures were published by the Department for Education and Skills, which indicate how strongly the Government is committed to this policy.

"Right across the public sector, professional are being encouraged to take on more autonomy if they have a successful record.

"In particular, South Craven faces a challenge in working across two local education authority boundaries - North Yorkshire and Bradford.

"We are committed to providing the very best service for the community we serve and consider this will be best achieved by having the extra independence which foundation status provides."

Headteacher Dr Andrew Cummings added: "We are very proud of South Craven School and its achievements, including being the only school in the country to have gained technology and engineering college status.

"We are committed to South Craven School remaining truly comprehensive."

The North Yorkshire School Organisation Committee turned down the school's first application in December. It said it had not heard enough information about admission arrangements and was concerned about the future use of the school's land.