A Russian maths student will be able to do his home studies again - after suffering for months from a mystery buzzing in his flat wall.

Now housing officials have apologised after finding the cause of the noise which even drove Andrey Shynkarenko and his wife to seek a new home.

Mr Shynkarenko, 30, who is doing a maths degree at Leeds University, said he and his student wife Yoshiko Yase could not concentrate on their studies or sleep.

They wrote to the Government offices for Yorkshire and Humberside and the Housing Ombudsman after the buzz began in the internal wall last May.

The couple lived in the 11th floor flat off Manchester Road for three years and say they chose its sky-high location for peace and quiet. But the Tudor Court block is now one of 16 flat developments getting facelifts in a £27 million scheme by Bradford West Community Housing Trust.

Mr Shynkarenko said he had contacted the trust, contractors Bullock, and had been visited by the Council's environmental health department since the vibrations began.

He wrote in a letter to the Housing Ombudsman: "Please help us if you can. The permanent noise and inactivity of the housing trust have turned our life into madness."

He said he feared he would fail his maths degree and wondered if the trust would pay if he had to retake it. But the Ombudsman's office said he must go through a complaints procedure.

But after being contacted by the Telegraph & Argus the trust said they had solved the mystery.

Steve Short, head of operations for Bradford West City Community Housing Trust, said: "The source has been identified as a faulty ventilation unit on the roof of the high-rise block.

"It will be stripped down and repaired by our contractors Bullock within two weeks.

"We apologise for the inconvenience the noise has caused to Mr Shynkarenko and we have for some time been trying to identify where it's been coming from, which has involved the Council's environmental health service."