Derelict wasteland at a major gateway into Shipley is spoiling people's first impression of the town, it has been claimed.

Land off Leeds Road which is currently occupied by travellers has been branded a damaging eyesore.

Shipley East ward councillor Tony Miller is campaigning for Bradford Council to either buy the site from its private owners to turn it into a landscaped landmark or work with them to transform it.

He said: "I want to see that land done up. It's the gateway to Shipley town centre. We are trying to regenerate this area but having a scrappy eyesore like that does not help.

"It might be just a small area of land but it makes a massive impact on people coming into the town, it's spoiling first impressions. I can't see it costing the Council a great deal of money to make something visually better of - anything has to be an improvement."

The travellers who set up camp on the land last weekend will be staying for at least another ten days.

The travellers have told Bradford Council's Gipsy Liaison Unit they are in town for a christening and will not be on their way until next Thursday.

Fellow ward councillor Vanda Greenwood, who is the Labour group's spokesman for the environment, said: "The site does need attention. Even if the Council did not want to buy the land or the owners did not want to sell, the Council could still get involved. If only a partnership could be struck up between the two to tidy it up."

William Marshall of Bradford company Marshall Construction which owns the site said he would be keen to see "something decent" put on the land but he needed help from the Council first.

He said: "We are keen to do something with the land, we agree at the moment it is just standing there. We would like to see something happen on it to enhance the gateway to Shipley rather that it stay derelict.''

A Bradford Council spokesman said: "The Airedale Masterplan is looking at the overall improvement of the Aire Valley and has identified the need to improve the gateways to all the towns involved, including Shipley.