ST MARY'S Roman Catholic Primary School at Horsforth, is described as 'a happy and secure school with many strengths,' including 'exemplary' behaviour by pupils in an OFSTED report.

Inspectors from the Office for Standards in Education recently visited the school in Broadgate Lane.

"A real strength of the school is the very good spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils," the report noted.

"Teachers respond to the pupils' needs and create an environment in which pupils feel secure and valued. Pupils have a clear understanding of right and wrong based on the sound Christian principles which permeate the school as a whole."

However, the inspectors also found that the progress in pupils' learning was inconsistent at the school, and that the youngest pupils in particular do not attain as well as might be expected.

Nevertheless, pupils of all ages attain levels in line with national averages in almost all subjects, and in many key areas, such as English, mathematics and science, they frequently exceeded the expected level.

The school is currently undergoing a period of great change following the lengthy absence and consequent recent retirement of the headteacher. An acting headteacher, supported by the senior management team "has guided the school through a difficult period."

John DiClemente, acting headteacher, said: "I am glad the inspectors noted the atmosphere of trust and dedication which exists throughout the whole school."

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