A 92-year-old Pool-in-Wharfedale woman had £140 stolen from her home in what a police chief described as a 'nasty theft.'

A man in his late 40s called at the woman's home at Wharfedale Court, and told her he was selling goods for the disabled. The woman invited him into her flat where he showed her some oven and dish cloths.

Det Inspector Steve O'Callaghan, of Weetwood Police, said: "The woman bought some dish cloths but had difficulty in reaching for her handbag. The man handed her her handbag and she paid him for the dishcloths. She later found that £140 was missing from her handbag.

"This was a nasty attack on a helpless old lady," he said.

Det Insp. O'Callaghan said people should ask for the identity of any visitor to their homes."

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