On the front page we reveal the winners of this years Taywood Homes - Keighley News young sports personalities of the year competition.

The lads were chosen by the panel of judges, including myself, because of the special qualities they have shown in representing their sport not only this area but in a much wider field.

It is the second year of the awards and the judges are constantly amazed at the high standards our young men and women are achieving.

One of the judges sits on a similar panel elsewhere and he is the first to say how impressed he is by the range of sports covered. He is also equally surprised by the representative standards they are reaching.

I have also been involved in similar competitions elsewhere, and I too have never know such a high number of young people from one area representing not only their school, but their districts, their counties and their countries.

I only wish we had a bigger pot of cash to help them on their way. A vote of thanks should also go to their parents, teachers and coaches. I must not forget Taywood who donate the prize money to help the athletes.

At the rate some of these young people are going future Olympic medals being paraded around Keighley is a distinct possibility.

These young athletes also stand as excellent role models for others. It is an honour and a privilege to be able to meet them and watch their progress.

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