THE Herald is playing cupid for a bubbly Blind-Dater wanting a rendezvous with the Craven man who rejected her on the matchmaking TV show.

Vivacious Krysia Reidy watched along with the rest of the country as Threshfield's David Smith appeared alone on Cilla Black's famous sofa last Saturday.

The 28-year-old park manager at Long Ashes caravan site had returned from a solo trip to Nepal after the blonde he chose failed to turn up for the flight.

The Herald reported the story last year but David has now turned into a national celebrity overnight, besieged by the media after winning the hearts of millions with an easy-going attitude to his Blind Date fate at the hands of Charlotte Harrison.

And Yorkshire Television's Calendar programme has been featuring a string of young Yorkshire lasses in the hope that one could be THE one for David.

But Krysia ('Number Three' on the ill-fated show) contacted the Herald when she fell for David's charms on last week's show and asked us to put her in touch with her lost TV love.

The lively 25-year-old from Blackburn said: "I would like to keep in touch with David because he is local and he seems like a really nice down to earth lad. Even if it means us being good friends that's fine.

"There were a lot of pretentious southerners on the show and David was different.

"We were separated and not allowed to have any contact after the show finished.

"When the cameras stopped we were all whisked to the green room and the blonde who picked David went to powder her nose and David was left standing there.

"I wanted to talk to him then but we were told not to have any communcation with the two who were going on the date."

Programme makers LWT have reportedly had problems in the past when 'pickers' have taken a fancy to a different Blind Dater to the one they picked on-screen.

Krysia continued: "All David was able to say to me was that it was a good show and the next thing we knew he and Charlotte were being taken off to a hotel and the rest of us were stuck there drinking cheap wine and chomping on Twiglets."

Krysia joked: "As soon as I found out David was from Skipton I thought great! It would be so easy for us to keep in touch. We could have done all along. It's his fault for picking a Baywatch babe!"

The Herald has made David aware of Krysia's new-found interest in him and awaits a reply. We will keep you posted....

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