Residents on a main road in Oakworth say work done by cable contractors has been a disaster.

Christine Hall says her garden wall has been left damaged, water pours into her garden, and the road surface is an 'absolute disgrace'.

Mrs Hall's 'nightmare' began in December when workers from MP Burke, who are contracted by Yorkshire Cable, cut through power lines at the end of the footpath to her house in Lidget.

"A man knocked at my door and told me his mate had cut through the electric supply and they would have to wait for them to repair it," she says.

Yorkshire Electricity came out and repaired it which Mrs Hall was very happy with. But, she says, cable contractors left the hole completely uncovered over the weekend.

"Anyone entering my garden could have been seriously hurt if they had fallen down the hole, particularly if it had been dark."

Mrs Hall says the situation was made more dangerous because the pathway from her house leads directly on to the busy main road.

"After they had done the work, the contractors put back the tarmac but did not replace the gulley that took the rainwater to the drains.

"And now, when it rains, the water floods into everyone's gardens and paths."

Neighbour Elaine King says it has been a nightmare for the elderly and for those with young children. "Those with children have had to carry them across deep puddles," says Mrs King.

She is also concerned about where the water is draining off to. "If it is soaking into our foundations then we will all have problems," she added.

Yorkshire Cable says: "We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused during the construction of our fibre optic network in Lidget, Oakworth.

"We are aware of Mrs Hall's concern regarding the reinstatement of the road surface and can confirm that a temporary surface was put in place following construction activity in December.

"As previously discussed with Mrs Hall, our contractors were to return to fully reinstate the road surface when weather conditions permitted. We can confirm that this work will be done this week.

"We have also been liaising with Mrs Hall regarding her concerns about possible damage to her wall. As a goodwill gesture, our contractors will re-point Mrs Hall's garden wall this week.

"The company also apologise for the loss of power to Mrs Hall's property on one particular day of our construction activity, and for any inconvenience this may have caused. In line with the code of practice adopted by utilities, the damage was immediately reported for repair.

"Anyone with outstanding queries about Yorkshire Cable's construction activity should contact our construction helpdesk on (01226) 233217."

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