A WAREHOUSE plan for offices in Pool-in-Wharfedale will make traffic problems worse, say residents.

Pool Parish Council has sanctioned a planning application to extend the Arthington Lane office site for storage and distribution.

Councillors have admitted concerns over its proposals which include turning space and a standing area for heavy good vehicles. They approved the principle of the bid but are seeking reassurances as to the heavy goods access.

But for residents Kenneth Shaw and George Holmes, reassurances are not enough. They have criticised the move which they say will cause greater congestion and disturbance along Arthington Lane.

Mr Holmes, of Arthington Lane, said: "The road is just too narrow. Already when two big articulated lorries meet on this part of the road they have to go on to the pavement to get past."

His fears were echoed by Mr Shaw, of Park Court. He said: "I want them to tidy up this site but if they're going to allow heavy vehicles access it's not reasonable at all.

"Arthington Lane is already is in a deplorable condition and this will make it worse."

And Mr Holmes pledged to fight the application which has yet to be considered by Leeds City Council planners.

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