Angry neighbours say they are growing increasingly resentful over plans to turn Odsal stadium into a £200 million Superdome.

A group living on the edge of the development say they have spent years of uncertainty waiting for something to happen following the series of grandiose schemes for the area.

But three years later the start date is being put back to mid-summer and residents complain they are suffering the consequences of falling house prices.

Alvin Wood, of Rooley Crescent, said: "From the beginning I felt sceptical. I think John Garside has procrastinated long enough now and if he doesn't come up with the goods Bradford Council must end this arrangement they have with him, find a credible developer and build a more sensible scheme."

Dave Paget, also of Rooley Crescent, said many of the close neighbours were in favour of the stadium and its users.

But he added: "I think the Council has got itself into a very difficult position."

He said the council seemed to consider it acceptable if work started by December but he said the developers would only have to pick up a spade for them to be in the clear.

Sheila Mortimer, of New Hall Drive, said that if it was not for Mr Garside's promises to develop Odsal Tip the Council would not have been so patient with his lack of progress.

Steve Hutchinson, of Rooley Crescent, said he would like to see something like the McAlpine Stadium at Huddersfield be built there rather than the complicated theme park ideas.

Bill Hands, of Radfield Drive, said continual time-wasting did not give residents confidence and the Council needed to do away with the secrecy surrounding the deal.

"It needs bringing out into the open," he said.

David Warburton, of Rooley Crescent, said: "Mr Garside has been invited to meetings but every occasion he has declined. It is a year since he last met any of the residents."

Gwyn Hodgeson, of Dean Beck, claimed the scheme seemed to grow every time it was mentioned.

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