Bradford firemen saved a baby girl's life after her parents found her choking in her cot.

Dad Roger Yousas rushed baby Kennedy to nearby Odsal fire station after she stopped breathing.

Quick thinking fire fighters used resuscitation equipment to revive the baby before an ambulance arrived.

Today Kennedy's mum, Joanne Sarjeant, praised the firemen for saving her one-year-old daughter.

Joanne and her fiancee Roger, who live in Glenroyd Avenue, first realised something was wrong when they heard Kennedy making noises at about 5.30am yesterday.

"I rushed to her cot and saw that she was having some kind of convulsion," said Miss Sarjeant.

"I thought she was choking and I was just so shocked.

"Roger grabbed her and said he was going to run across with her to the fire station which is just behind our house.

"We thought if anybody could help, they could, and they would know first aid.

"I was just so pleased when she started breathing."

Kennedy was taken to St Luke's Hospital where she was making good progress.

"She has got to stay in hospital until her temperature is normal but apart from that she seems OK,'' said Miss Sarjeant.

"As soon as she's better I'm going to take her over to see the fire fighters at Odsal.

"I just can't thank them enough for what they did."

Odsal fire sub-officer David Ellershaw said: "We had a bit of a shock when we heard a knocking on the station door in the early hours.

"But we heard the man shouting for help and we soon realised by the tone of his voice that something was wrong.

"We turned the baby upside down and cleared her mouth before we resuscitated her.

"Then she started making a croaking noise and we gave her oxygen."

He added: "We didn't think about what we were doing, we all just worked together.

"We're just glad she's OK."

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